Stoltmann Wins $995,000 Award for Victim of T-Mobile Sim-Swap

Stoltmann Law Offices, P.C. is pleased to announce that it won a hard-fought arbitration award for their client, a victim of SIM-Swap fraud, against T-Mobile, USA in the amount of $995,000. The award was ordered after a nearly four day arbitration hearing and extensive briefing on the unique legal issues presented.  The Claimant, a Texas resident, is extremely happy with the result. The award included compensatory damages of $750,000, attorney’s fees in the amount of $225,000, and reimbursement of expenses in the amount of $20,000.  The case was tried by Andrew Stoltmann and Joe Wojciechowski

The case involved an unauthorized SIM swap of the victim’s phone that resulted in the infiltration of the victim’s email account.  From there, the bad-actors searched through the victim’s email and found a seed-phrase for the victim’s cold-storage wallet which allowed the attackers to steal the victim’s crypto-currency. Within minutes of the SIM swap, the crooks were able to gain access to the victim’s email, search out what they were looking for, and steal the crypto-currency from him. The speed and efficiency with which the crooks were able to execute their strategy reflects how serious this threat is to consumers.

The case was filed with the American Arbitration Association, under the Consumer Rules, pursuant to T-Mobile’s user agreement, which requires the arbitration of all disputes with its customers. The victim made claims for breach of contract, negligence, and for violations of the Federal Communications Act. T-Mobile defended the case vigorously and sought to have the proceedings dismissed as a matter of law before the hearing. The hearing was conducted over video-platform and included the testimony of multiple expert witnesses.

Telecoms like T-Mobile must be held accountable for enabling unauthorized SIM swaps that result in their customer’s financial devastation. T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, or whomever your cellular service provider is, must protect your SIM from a unauthorized transfer. Call Stoltmann Law Offices for a free consultation to determine whether you have a valid claim.  The statutes of limitation on claims relating to SIM swaps can be relatively short, so it is important that you act quickly to enforce your rights.

Being the victim of a SIM swap can be devastating and scary. Stoltmann Law Offices offers hope to victims of fraud and will stop at nothing, including trying and winning your case, to recover your stolen funds.

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