Hackers Stole Data on 37 Million T-Mobile Customers in Massive Data Breach
Published On: February 4, 2023

Stoltmann Law Offices is a Chicago-based securities, investment fraud, SIM-Swap hacking fraud, and class action law firm offering representation to defrauded investors and victims of fraud nationwide on a contingency fee basis.  On January 19, 2023, it was widely reported that T-Mobile informed regulators in the United States that 37 million T-Mobile customers had their data stolen. According to reports, in a T-Mobile massive data breach, the T-Mobile hackers stole names, phone numbers, and dates of birth for 37 million customers, a sure-fire bonanza for the internet and dark web crooks. Customers need to act now to protect themselves from these fraudsters.

What Do T-Mobile Customers Need to Know Now About the T-Mobile Data Breach

It may seem innocuous enough. So what? Hackers have your name, cell phone number, and date of birth. What’s the big deal? Well, it’s a huge deal, and the T-Mobile hackers are not going to stop now that they have this information for 37 million T-Mobile customers.  T-Mobile makes sure everyone knows that passwords and social security numbers weren’t exposed, which is great, but hackers like this can wreak havoc with only your name, your cell phone number, and your date of birth.  Expert dark-web crooks are now chasing down whatever other information is available online about T-Mobile customers, like a mailing address, employment information, social media information, and will build a file on you. If you have a Coinbase account or other crypto-currency accounts, they will know.

With this information being exposed, T-Mobile customers are at much higher risk for what is called “Sim-Swapping”. This is the point where the exposure of this information by T-Mobile, can lead to catastrophic financial damages. First things first, if T-Mobile has informed you that your data was stolen by the T-Mobile data breach, contact T-Mobile immediately to lock your SIM card, and to not authorize a swap or port-out of your SIM to another device or another carrier unless the strictest security protocols are met. Do not assume the 4-digit pin security code on your account will cut it. It won’t.  Call T-Mobile and discuss how you can protect your T-Mobile SIM because of the T-Mobile hackers and data breach.

Massive T-Mobile Data Breaches Usually Lead to a Surge of SIM-Swapping Attacks

  • SIM-Swapping is a huge problem for T-Mobile and their customers as a result of this most recent T-Mobile Hack. First, what is “SIM Swapping”?  The SIM card inside your phone contains critical information and code that allows your phone to access the cellular network. Without a functioning SIM, your phone loses its cellular characteristics, you cannot make or receive phone calls, and you cannot send or receive text messages.
  • Hackers take advantage of the 2-Factor authentication function: It has become increasingly common for just about every internet-based account, whether its email, your bank, brokerage, or crypto-currency accounts, your healthcare accounts – basically everything online, now requires what is called “multi-factor” (MFA) or “two-factor” authentication (2FA).  When you log-into an account from a “non-trusted device” like a computer you haven’t used to log into your bank account, or a different phone to log into your facebook account, invariably, you will be required to put in a code that is texted to your phone.  If you need to update or change a password, you’ll need that 2FA code first.
  • SIM-Swapping is the illegal act by a hacker where they contact T-Mobile and imitate you (called pretexting) and convince a T-Mobile employee that you bought a new phone, or that you dropped your phone in the lake, and that you need to transfer your SIM (your phone number) to that new device. Regardless of your security setting, the Hackers can easily convince the T-Mobile employee either over the phone, or in-store, to make the transfer. Now the T-Mobile hacker has the phone that will get that 2-FA code.
  • When you try to change your password on your Coinbase account for example, Coinbase will send you a 2FA code to your phone. Well, now the hacker has the phone that will get that text, he already knows you have a Coinbase account because he is an expert on finding information about you online, and now he’s into your Coinbase account and will clean it out.

T-Mobile Data Breach Lawsuit 2023

If your information was stolen in the T-Mobil Breach and you have had bank, brokerage, or crypto-currency accounts hacked as a result of subsequent T-Mobile SIM Swapping, you have rights and a potential claim to pursue. Buried deep in the User Agreement between T-Mobile and its customers, is a binding arbitration clause that requires victims to jump through some hoops before you can file a case and seek compensation.  Stoltmann Law Offices has represented over one hundred victims of Sim-Swaps against several telecommunication companies, including T-Mobile. Do not waste your time trying to navigate this landscape against T-Mobile on your own.  If you have suffered at least $50,000 in damages, please contact Stoltmann Law Offices, a contingency fee law firm representing clients in SIM-Swapping arbitration claims against T-Mobile, nationwide. If you are involved in the T-Mobile Data breach lawsuit, please all our office today.


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